What we do

We manage every detail of the design process in collaboration with a select network of renowned suppliers and trusted contractors. Our commitment is to deliver flawless homes that reflect our client’s personal style and practical needs. From the foundational elements to the final touches, our comprehensive service ensures that each project is executed precisely and carefully. Trust Fibi Interiors to bring your vision to life with elegance and efficiency.

Interior Design

Our interior design service is tailored to bring your vision to life, emphasising style, functionality and personal expression. Our experts work closely with each client to understand their unique aesthetic and preferences. We offer complete interior design and project management services as well as working closely with premium manufacturers for bespoke solutions.

Interior Decorating

Our interior decorating service is dedicated to enhancing spaces whilst sidestepping popular trends. We specialise in selecting and arranging decor elements that complement and elevate your home’s design. Whether refining a current look or starting fresh, Fibi Interiors works passionately to bring your decorating dreams to life, making every room a testament to tailored elegance and comfort.

Distant Design

We offer a comprehensive Distant Design service tailored for clients who desire our signature style from any location. This remote interior design solution allows us to collaborate with you through digital platforms, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not limit your access to the expert design services offered. This service is perfect for clients who seek professional guidance but prefer to manage the physical aspects of their projects independently.


We offer expert consultation services to kickstart your interior design or decorating projects. During your sessions, you’ll be appointed to a skilled designer to discuss your vision, needs, and project scope. Our consultations can cover everything from preliminary design concepts to specific advice on colour schemes, materials and furniture selections. Whether you’re contemplating a minor update or a major renovation, our consultation service is an essential first step in crafting a space that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic aspirations.